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Alternative Summer Scents

Alternative Summer Scents

Alternative Summer Scents

Ahh, The Great British Summer… Pimm’s and bangers on the barbeque, freshly cut grass, strawberries and cream, ice cream vans, hornery wasps, inconvenient tanlines and having a good old moan about the weather.

And then there are the fragrances we dig out for the summer: usually light, fresh, uplifting and citrusy. But refreshment in fragrance can also be found in some surprising places.

Challenging the Status-Quo

This summer’s Summer Vibes edit from HOOHAA challenges the norm, with contributions from Contradictions in Ilk, Maison Matine, and D:Sol MMXVI. In the edit, we have notes of Cedarwood, Black Tea, Coconut, Vanilla, Pink Pepper, and Patchouli.

Don’t be afraid to dare to be different when the sun rises highest in the year, at a time when incense works best and earthy, woody scents can compliment the sticky evenings.

For those poolside loungers

For those of you that love to lounge, why not try the Tesoro from D:Sol MMXVI. Reminiscent of gold and glory in Majorca, when life was grander and generally much sunnier than the disposition we see today.

A finely balanced scent of precious citrus with an aromatic leather note, and a touch of Petit Grain. Treat yourself to something that’ll help you stand out in the sun.

For those crazy hot days

When the sun is scorching and you need a scent to match your sweltering style, why not go for Playalinda by Chronotope. Hints of seaweed blend beautifully with suntanned skin, crossed with ambrette seed, sun-warmed peach and osmanthus. This is a perfume designed to evoke memories of beaches untouched by modern development - existing independent of time.

Or, there’s the winner of the Best Niche Fragrance at the 2020 Pure Beauty Global Awards – Los Angeles by Gallivant. Think sun-scorched streets as you drive under neon lights in LA, with notes of tuberose, eucalyptus, narcissus, and smoky guaiac wood.

Get Figgy with it

For something a little different, why not try the heady, voluptuous characters of Edhen, with notes of sweet orange, jasmine, fig, and amber. An effortless fragrance that takes you back to sun-drenched afternoons.

Or, from Histoires De Parfums, is 7753 - a very specific number. The dimensions of the Mona Lisa painting are appropriate for the name of a scent that whispers emotion and an undecipherable glance, where unexplained beauty crossover with an immersive power. Notes of Italian bergamot, ivy and Ma Khaen berry blend with the heart of tuberose, Barbary fig, and heliotrope.

Works best with a workout

Sometimes you just need something to pair with a workout, something that sits well with your sweat. For those occasions, we’ve got the Badawi from Atelier Vesper. A cool, piney fragrance with cardamom and sweet, tea-like smells of davana help elevate this scent to new heights.

If that’s not your style, you could always try Medullary-Ray from Jorum Studio. Notes of olive, orris butter, guaiac wood, valerian, and sandalwood oil evoke the smell of skin after a day of work out in the Mediterranean countryside. 

For the traditionalist in you

For those of you that do prefer the traditional citrusy fragrances, why not try the clean and smiley citruses with hints of relaxed musks from Brooklyn by Gallivant. Or, for a slightly different twist, there’s always the variation of Ormonde Jayne’s smash bestseller – A twist on the original with added grapefruit, what’s not to love!


Try something different this summer. We’ve designed our Summer Vibes edit to get you started, and challenge yourself to shake up your fragrance wardrobe. The beauty of HOOHAA is that Our generous 10ml deluxe vials are perfect for allowing everyone to have a chance to really get to know a perfume before deciding if they’d like a bottle, and they’re perfect for traveling. And they look pretty spiffy to boot. The best accessory for that poolside selfie.

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