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How To Choose a Perfume Online

How To Choose a Perfume Online

How To Choose a Perfume Online

Walking through a beauty hall or fragrance shop, picking out a favourite scent can be easy – if a little overwhelming. The aromas of hundreds if not thousands of perfumes fill the air, and we gravitate towards the ones we feel speak to us.

But what about online? The lists of notes, ingredients, and origins can bamboozle and baffle us. It’s a classic case of “it’s easy when you know how”. So, let us give you a few tips on how to pick a favourite scent online. After all, with so much shopping done on the internet these days, why not fragrances too?

Ingredients, Notes, and Families

These make a perfume a perfume and mark it out from the rest. So, it’s crucial that you understand the makeup of fragrances and what you’re naturally drawn to. By understanding what you already love, you’ll be able to pick out a new scent based on the notes you already splash yourself with.

The other thing to consider is a perfumers . Many fragrance creators use similar or the same notes in most of their perfumes to form a family and a style for their brand. So if you already have a favourite, check the ingredients and notes and navigate toward similar fragrances.

As a rough guide, the Top Notes are what you will smell first and form a first impression, although that feeling soon makes way for the Heart and Base notes. Heart Notes make up around 70% of the whole scent, and the Base Notes create a form of foundation to boost the lighter notes up towards your nose – all while adding depth.

Work Out The Relationship

A great way to work out which scent you want is by determining the relationship you want to have with the fragrance. For example, do you want something cooling or relaxing? Or perhaps something that will lift you in the morning?

Don’t be fooled by “sexy” fragrances, as sexy means something different to everyone. We’re often asked to recommend perfumes that smell sexy, but that’s so hard to get right on an individual basis. You , however, feel confident and empowered – which is infinitely sexier. You should be wearing your perfume for yourself, not for anyone else.

Ask An Expert

The main thing to remember is that, if you’re in doubt, chat to an expert. At HOOHAA, we’ve got you covered with live chat on the site should you need us. One of the great things about the fragrance industry is that it’s all a personal journey and experience.

Chatting to an expert for their advice just adds to that experience and can put you at ease. Don’t be afraid to ask for help navigating the scents on offer.

If you’re really stuck? Try our subscription model to find out what you like best – there’s something different every month, and you never know when you might strike gold.

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