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Mums of HOOHAA

Mums of HOOHAA

To celebrate Mother's Day we asked two of our favourite HOOHAA Mums to tell us all about their relationships with fragrance. From the perfect perfume for the office to a Mother's Day lunch, here are their favourites. 

 Keeley  -  

My relationship with fragrance has evolved dramatically over the years. 

From dousing on the Cool Water back in my uni days and hitting the student union thinking I was freshest smelling Fresher out there, to upgrading my scent game to Dior in my twenties as I edged towards becoming the sophisticated City slicker I had my sights on. 

Little did I know, I’d only sniffed the surface…

Until that is, I met my husband Lorenzo, who also happens to be co-founder of HOOHAA.

On a late November evening Lorenzo wafted into my life in a cloud of Le Labo Rose 31. Taken aback by this dirty, peppery dried rose sensation, my nose changed forever. 

Living with a fragrance hound for the last 15 years has exposed me to a whole new world of niche fragrance and has transformed the way I think about fragrance.

These days, I never leave the house without it. I just don’t feel ‘fully dressed’. I often reapply or layer new scents throughout the day, depending on what I’m doing.

For me, scent evokes feelings and helps me capture memories; something that’s now always in the back of my head when I reach for a vial. 

Here’s an example of how I wear HOOHAA on a typical Friday:

We moved from London to Mallorca in a moment of madness amidst the first lockdown in August 2020. This brought with it a big change of lifestyle.

Mornings in our house are hectic. Once I’ve dropped our 8 year old twins off at school I head straight to Beach Bootcamp to ensure I get my workout in. I don’t have the luxury of time for a power shower to wake me up the morning so I opt for a scent that delivers the same clean, fresh sporty smell like Realist by Contradictions in Ilk

Afternoons are spent working. I’m freelance so I can base myself from anywhere and one of my favourite spots is Concepio in Palma. It’s a beautiful, Swedish owned boutique hotel with a beautiful workspace and some rather cool clientele.  I don’t want a fragrance that projects too much, taking into account not everyone in the room will have the same taste as me, but I want something I catch a smell of throughout the afternoon. Voyeur Verde by Maya Njie is the perfect fragrance to enjoy throughout the day.

Friday is typically when Lorenzo and I will go out for dinner. We live in central Palma so we have so many great restaurants on our doorstep. This is when I get all adventurous with my scent and have the confidence to go for something with more punch.  I feel like I want to stand out from everyone else (it kinda goes with the territory) and I won’t lie, I’m often trying to provoke a reaction. I get a real kick out of being told I smell good and a great smelling evening with great friends stays in my memory for years so my go to is Veni by Histoires de Parfums.

Kirsty - 

For me, Mother’s Day is all about spending time with Ryan and I's family and enjoying their company. A rather relaxed affair but certainly not one where I wouldn’t wear my favourite scents.

After waking up extremely early with my two young toddlers I’ll be looking for something to help invigorate the senses and so I turn to Terram by D:SOL MMXVI, this energising and fruit scent helps to get the day started. Paired with 4 espressos and a shot of CBD oil I’m ready to start the day!

Once everyone is up and ready, we like to get the kids out of the house and head to our local forest to burn some energy on a long walk, taking in the sights and sounds. This woody and earthy scent is a great accompaniment for country walks and running around the forest playgrounds.

Mother’s Day for us wouldn’t be complete without a Sunday lunch. The whole family loves them and I’m grateful that my husband is an amazing cook. For a long lazy lunch, I’m definitely going to wear A Fuego Lento by Frassai. It's my happy scent, and I can have a cheeky glass of wine while the children play outside.

Finally, it’s time for bath time and the children’s night time routine. The relaxation-inducing scent of Gourmand by Olfactive O has a warm and calming vibe and I swear helps my children calm down. But maybe it’s the sweet notes that makes them think they’re getting a treat.

Now’s the time to jump on the sofa and watch our favourite TV shows and this gorgeous scent no doubt makes me feel relaxed and cozy for the rest of the evening.

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