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Scents of the Season - Spring Picks

Scents of the Season - Spring Picks

Now that we’re fast approaching spring and the warmer months ahead, your current winter favourite may seem far too heavy. During the colder months, our bodies are working much harder to keep ourselves regulated, and in doing so, we produce less oil on the surface of our skin, affecting its ability to ‘stick’. 

This is why we gravitate towards much stronger perfumes during autumn and winter, as they are more powerful and harder wearing when faced with the elements. With spring in full swing, the weather calls for fresh and light scents that dance gently across the skin. At HOOHAA, we have pulled together our favourite tips on finding your new spring fragrance.

Classic Spring Perfume Notes

Floral and Earthy Notes

Floral notes often comprise the basis of many spring perfumes, as they can be paired well with numerous types of fragrance aromas. When teamed with earthy tones, floral fragrances can become woodier in composition. One of our favourite floral woods fragrances from our collection is 7753 by Histoires de Parfums, which blends tuberose with fig and sandalwood. When paired with notes such as salt, floral tones can bring about a sense or feeling that is reminiscent of the ocean. 

One of the most popular combinations is a fruity and floral bouquet that smells so delectable that you can almost taste it. This combination is used in everything from shampoos and shower gels to body sprays and luxury fragrances. A few floral notes to keep in mind this springtime include jasmine, rose, patchouli, iris, and hibiscus.

Fruity and Sweet Notes

Ripe, fresh, juicy, delicate, sometimes even heady, fruity notes are often quite seductive and sensual. What is really special about fruity notes is that many of them are accords built with aroma-molecules, and every individual perfumer might have their own unique take on any particular fruit.

Whilst one fruity smell will be work appropriate, another will be geared towards evening plans and festivities. When paired with floral notes, fruity notes tend to elevate the beauty, sweetness and naturalness that the floral bouquet has on the senses. A few of our favourite fruit notes for the spring season are: mandarin, clementine, lemon, strawberry, raspberry, pomegranate, vanilla, mango, cassis, hibiscus, blossom, peach, berries, apricot. Tel Aviv by Gallivant is one of our juiciest perfumes featuring notes of clementine, blackcurrant and bergamot.

Fresh Notes

When you think of fresh notes, the first few things that pop into your mind are ocean waves, citrus, lavender and grass. Fresh fragrances can often be separated into three categories: green, water and citrus - each of which interprets ‘freshness’ in its own way.

  • Green notes take on a more herbal and leafy tone; think freshly cut grass on a summer's day or taking a walk through the forest just after the heavens have opened. These scents are often described as crisp and uplifting.
  • Citrus notes do exactly what they say on the tin. Refreshing, zesty, zingy and vibrant. As citrus notes are often used in various cleaning products, they also convey a sense of cleanliness.
  • Water notes are evocative of salty sea spray, large rolling waves, cool breezes and crystal blue sparkling waters. These notes represent the ocean and provide a ‘holiday-feel’ to the everyday.

A fantastically fresh scent for this springtime is Herbes by D:SOL MMXVI featuring notes of lemon, orange, spearmint.

Linen And Cotton Notes

Linen, cotton and silk notes are perfect for the springtime as they are reminiscent of fresh washing, lighter days and lazy Sunday mornings - all the things we love. These scents evoke feelings of warmth, safety and the intimacy of clean, bare skin against crisp white sheets. Cocooned in the warm embrace of your safe place, burying your face into warm, cosy sheets, these spring perfumes have you ready to face the day ahead - a juxtaposition that these notes get just right! With its orris root and squeaky clean musks, Gallivant’s Brooklyn is the perfect white t-shirt smell. 

Re-invigorate And Reset

Leaving the gloomy days behind and looking forward to the brighter days ahead, springtime is full of wonder and opportunity - think of it as a ‘fresh’ start. In the spirit of all things new, why not add a spring fragrance to your perfume wardrobe and have a play around with your scent ‘style’ this season. As we’re firmly into the first few months of the new year, energy levels, positive moods and outsets are increasing with the temperature - so it’s time to reflect that on the outside too! Indulge yourself in some fresh scents that are bound to get you excited for summer.

Consider Your Environment

There are so many factors that affect the ‘wear-ability’ of your fragrance; from the change in the weather to the change in your skin’s natural oil levels, and of course, wherever you are going to be and what you'll be getting up to.  We would recommend that you test how well your perfume wears in the day and the evening to determine the suitability for its intended use.

Spring Fragrances With HOOHAA

At HOOHAA we have a fantastic collection of niche luxury fragrances that invigorate the senses and encourage you to be bold. Choose from full-sized bottles or try a number of stunning fragrances through our perfume subscription service, that are handpicked by our experts, exclusively for you.

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