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So you want a new perfume?

So you want a new perfume?

For many people buying a new perfume can be a daunting experience. With the thousands of fragrances brought out every year, just trying to figure out where to start often prohibits people from even thinking about trying anything new.

A good place can be working out what sort of relationship you want with the fragrance. While perfume has an undeniable luxury appeal to it, it can also have a functional purpose as well. A spritz of a cheerful citrus scent first thing in the morning can make even the earliest of morning wake-up calls less painful. While dousing yourself in a lavish, over-the-top, NSFW scent in the evening can be a fragrant signal that it’s time to set work aside and indulge in a healthy dose of me time.

We’re often asked to recommend perfumes that smell “sexy”. And while we can appreciate that everyone wants to smell attractive, for us, it’s an almost impossible ask. Everyone has different ideas of what “sexy” is, and the idea that a perfume can make anyone “sexy” is ridiculous. However, what it can do is make you feel more confident and empowered. Now THAT’S sexy. Wear your perfume for you.

For people just getting into niche and artisan perfumes, we find it best to ease yourself into it gently. A great place to start is to think about fragrances in the past you’ve really enjoyed wearing. Finding a scent with a similar style or familiar smells that also introduces a few new elements into the mix is a great way to start. You’ll not only be getting something you already know you enjoy, but also expanding your olfactory horizons just a little bit in the process.

But, if in doubt, always ask the experts. That’s us by the way.

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