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Valentine's Mood Makers

Valentine's Mood Makers

No matter what you're getting up to on Valentine's Day, we've got the fragrance for you (and your crush). And take 20% off using to code HOOLOVESYOU

Who loves you? WE DO! 


Date #1 - Fancy Dinner

You love the classics and we don't blame you. If you're heading for a fancy dinner (or pizza express, we're not judging) these are the perfect fragrances to make a statement without overpowering your food. 

Bukhara by Gallivant

L'Oree de Bois by Jaques Fath

Esencia by Atelier Vesper

1828 by Histoires de Parfums


Date #2 - Roller Disco

Go on, have some fun! Who cares if you fall down when you smell this good?

Devious by Contradictions in Ilk

Tel Aviv by Gallivant 

Into the Wild by Maison Matine 

Tropica by Maya Njie 


Date #3 - Galentines!

2022 is all about the girls. You don't need romance with friends like yours, and with this selection you'll be the best smelling girl gang in the club. 

Bernadette Evelyn Margaret Theresa by Freddie Albrighton 

Edhen by Atelier Vesper 

Avant L'Orage by Maison Matine 

Doe in the Snow by 4160Tuesdays 


Date #4 - Night in Alone

Good perfume isn't about other people, it's about you and these are perfect for a self love sesh. 

Tokyo by Gallivant 

11 Candles in Antwerpen by Freddie Albrighton

Fantosmia by Jorum Studios 

Spite EDP by Chronotope 


Date #5 - Live Music Gig

Whether it's in a pub or The O2, it's good to have live music back in our lives. This lot are love songs in a bottle, no matter what your favourite genre is. 

Libertine by Contradictions in Ilk

Los Angeles by Gallivant 

Carduus by Jorum Studios

Maxed Out by 4160Tuesdays 


Date #6 - Hotel, Champagne, Rose Petals, the whole lot.

You're pulling out all the stops and sparing no expense. You need a fragrance that does the same. 

1899 by Histoires de Parfums 

Terram by D:Sol MMXVI

A Fuego Lento by Frassai

Madama Butterfly II by Senyoko 


Date #7 - On the Sofa with Discounted Chocolates on the 15th. 

We get it, you don't buy into the hype. These are perfect for love day and every day after that. 

Tempete d'Automne by Jacques Fath 

Mabel's Tooth by Freddie Albrighton

Captured by Candlelight by 4160Tuesdays 

Teissenddu by Frassai


Date #8 - First Date. 

Bloody hell you're brave. A first date on Valentine's Day?! If you insist, you may as well make an entrance, and wearing one of these you're guaranteed a second! 

La Tsarine by Senyoko 

Infatuated by Contradictions in Ilk 

The Sexiest Scent on the Planet (IMHO) by 4160Tuesdays 

Playalinda by Chronotope


And if you can't make up your mind, grab your valentine one of our Gift Subscriptions so the love lasts for 3, 6 or 12 months (and hopefully longer!)



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