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Sarah McCartney infuses each and every one of her perfumes made in small batches at her West London micro-perfumery with the rarest of all ingredients - a sense of humour.

After spending 14 years as a writer, Sarah McCartney inadvertently created a perfume brand when she wrote a novel about a problem solving perfumer called Unity Cassel. In her book, The Scent of Possibility, Unity helped people by creating scents that reminded them of happier times and places. Sarah wanted to find perfumes that matched those described in her novel, but she couldn’t. So she made them.

Since 2011, 4160Tuesdays has consistently released a collection of award winning perfumes brimming with creativity, joy, wit and a twist of British eccentricity. Sarah also runs online Scenthusiasm workshops, where she shares knowledge and techniques about making perfume in fun, accessible ways.

We bet you’re dying to know what the 4,160 is about. 4,160 is the number of, in this case, Tuesdays you get in 80 years. Don’t waste them, or any day for that matter, wearing a perfume you don’t love.

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