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Carter Weeks Maddox is a self taught perfume who’s been honing his craft since 2009. He’s been developing his fragrances for Chronotope since 2016. Carter received his MA in Critical Theory from Texas State University in 2012, where he wrote his thesis on manifestations of the chronotope within women's postwar life writing. And it's through this same lens that he practices perfumery.

Chronotope is a compound of “chronology” and “topography,” essentially, and it means “time-space.” As an idea, the chronotope comes from literary theory, and it refers to the means by which time and space in stories are rendered to simulate the real world. 

Perfume is a great storytelling medium, and it’s been used to tell many beautiful stories. But Chronotope fragrances explore things that aren’t always so immediately beautiful but make you do a double-take, squint and look deeper.

“I’d like to use Chronotope as an example for how to build a way forward to a more accessible, rigorous, caring and polyphonic perfume industry. Because everyone has stories to tell. And perfume is capable of expressing narratives that directly engage wearers on such a physical and intimate level that those stories demand immediate, physical response. It's in that visceral, sometimes intense, response that perfume reveals its connective and unifying potential.” Carter Weeks Maddox

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