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Contradictions in ILK

A celebration of the contradictions that make us who we are.

The Contradictions in Ilk fragrances possess the kind of legibility that inspires curiosity and invites exploration. Wearing them is like stepping into a familiar space only to find new artwork hanging within. There is an easy harmony that accompanies the Ilk perfumes. Aromas seem to meander seamlessly into one another throughout the trajectory of their time on the skin, with flashes of mischief and devilish wit slipping into the olfactory landscapes like someone under hypnosis confessing their most secret desires.

Contradictions in Ilk is co-founded by Annabella Fasano-Leslie and Holly Hutchinson. Aside from possessing a lifelong love of perfume, Annabella has a background in psychology. Hence the fascination with humans and the quirks and contradictions that make us tick. She’s always used perfume to experience moments more deeply, capture emotions and tell stories.

Holly has ten years experience developing fragrances and design and a keen appreciation for customer experience. She’s the driving force behind luxury niche brand Memoize London.

They’ve put sustainability right at the heart of everything they’re doing, and manufacturing and production is all done within an 80 mile radius. Ilk prides itself on supporting small, independent artisans wherever possible. Their hand-finished wooden caps are made in Yorkshire, the boxes are handmade in Leicestershire and the bottles are filled at a small filling house in Lincolnshire Wolds.

The Contradictions in Ilk perfumes are composed at a 20% extrait de parfum concentration. They wear with a gentle tenacity while also maintaining just the right amount of consideration and spatial conscientiousness. We’ve selected a curation of four of our favourites.

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