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After spending two decades working in the world of beauty advertising, Dennis K. Werner founded D:SOL MMVXI to create a brand with a personal approach to modern luxury. 

His collection is inspired by his time spent between Mallorca and Berlin. His first three perfumes were made by Marie Urban Le Febvre at Urban Scents, an independent perfume lab and showroom based in Berlin. Urban Scents does their ingredient sourcing and finished fragrance manufacturing with Accords et Parfums in Grasse, founded more than 70 years ago by iconic perfumer Edmond Roudnitska. (Gallivant uses them too.)

A kaleidoscope of fragrances exploring the sparkling magic of the Mediterranean in all its facets, D:SOL MMVXI is committed to working with the best independent perfumers, manufacturers and specialist artisans. They’ll be working exclusively with perfumers who are part of Christophe Laudamiel’s “Perfumery Code of Ethics”. Anyone who’s signed up is dedicated to originality, respect and integrity in perfumery. In other words, they won’t be building brands with clones of Santal 33 and Aventus.

D:SOL goes back to the roots of traditional artisanal making by working with small, family-owned businesses and craftsmen. Their handmade, silk-screened bottles are produced in Barcelona by glass makers that have been producing bottles since 1962. Their bakelite caps are also handmade in Spain. D:SOL’s packaging is printed by a small printing house in Germany.

“Our mission is to create meaningful and inspirational products, for like-minded people and their lives.” Dennis K. Werner

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