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Gallivant is an award-winning indie perfume brand from London founded by Nick Steward in 2017. Before starting Gallivant, Nick spent twenty years between London and Paris building a career in the perfume industry. His most recent role was product and creative director of the pioneering cult fragrance house, L’Artisan Parfumeur.

The Gallivant perfumes work by combining wearability with wit. The scents have an easy, laid-back affability about them with clever nods to the locations the fragrances are based on that never come off as cliche. “I started Gallivant because I wanted to do something clever and interesting, avoiding all the froth and hype… deceptively simple. Something pleasurable to accompany you as you go about your life.”

If you’re a perfume nerd like we are, the name Edmond Roudnitska will always make you sit up straight and pay attention. Gallivant’s perfumes are composed at the Art et Parfum lab Roudnitska set up in Cabris in the hills above Grasse. Ample time is given to develop every formula, and they also have a particularly long maceration period to give all of those lovely smelling molecules plenty of time to get up close and personal with one another.

All of Gallivant’s products are hand-finished in Britain in a genuinely artisanal, small-batch human process.

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