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Maison Matine

There is one word that comes to mind with Maison Matine, and that is fun. Anybody who’s ever taken a look around the world of perfume will have definitely noticed just how ridiculous it can be at times. There are so many brands out there taking themselves way too seriously - dramatic music, dew-laden flower petals and models more greased up than that last box of KFC you had. We’re over it.

Working with a new generation of up and coming perfumers, Maison Matine have produced a collection of scents brimming with welcoming congeniality, wearability and tongue-in-cheek wit. The collection is the result of a collaboration between the team of perfumers and Maison Matine’s graphic designers. And those bottles? Definitely a boost to anyone’s feed.

The brand’s perfumes are manufactured between Paris, Grasse and Chartres. Their packaging is produced from recycled cardboard and is recyclable. They’ve not used any cellophane to avoid any potential waste. Maison Matine also donated all of its profits for the month of April 2020 to Secours Populaire. This made it possible to supply 400 meals and 20 hygiene packs for babies at the beginning of France’s lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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