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Olfactive O

Olfactive O’s aim is to make choosing a fragrance easier by basing each scent around a personality type rather than a brand name. The scents span the main fragrance families, from the light fresh florals to the darker, more complex orientals. Each is named for a personality type, so the ‘Dark Horse, Secret-Keeper and Thinker’ is the Woody scent, evocative of classic films, vintage style and log fires. Find the story that best describes you, and you’ll find your ideal scent.

The creative impulse behind Olfactive O is founder Olivia da Costa’s childhood dream. Her passion is the psychology behind how perfume makes the wearer feel. Her extensive experience of working in the perfume industry led her to move away from the commercialism of the big brand perfumes and their lost magic. Her close working relationship with a distinguished perfumer and creative chemist resulted in his co-founding the house of Olfactive O.

‘I believe in the power of a fragrance to communicate to others who you are,’ explains Olivia. ‘Personality type is integral to choosing the perfect perfume, because it’s such an emotional connection. The way into fragrances can be overwhelming, with so many brands vying for our attention, so Olfactive O makes the choice more elemental and sincere.’

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