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Plume Impression

Plume Impression Paris is the brain child and love story of Sabine and Gabriel.

A passionate liaison of two complete opposites, it comes as no surprise that Sabine chose the main character of this artistic brand to be a wonderfully soft yet strong feather.

No limitations, no boundaries. This is the theme and so the feather carries on to discover exotic places, romantic sites and runs into unexpected encounters through the wonderful world of scents.

"Perfumes form wonderful memories and we treasure them every time we encounter a beautiful scent. Quickly I realized I wanted to share this inspiring delight with as many people as possible. Over the past few years I worked on creating that magic for everybody. Royal families wanted to celebrate the arrival of a new born with a traditional scent, perfume aficionados wished to relive their wedding over again with their personalized scent.

Through all those wonderful people I met, ‘Plume Impression’ was born. Perfumes are emotions, perfumes are people. They form images in our minds, make us relive beautiful moments. Genuine scented creations with images, this is Plume Impression." - Sabine

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