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Temptation - 4160Tuesdays

Temptation is so smooth it practically purs out of the bottle. It was first developed as an accord in another 4160Tuesdays scent called Take Me to the River. Take Me to the River is a perfume about falling for someone who’s really no good for you, and Temptation brought the tempting bit.

Perfumer Sarah McCartney told us it’s made with a hefty shot of a synthetic musk called Velvione with a blend of Ambrettolide, Ambrox Super, Vanillin, Hedione and a few other secret ingredients. It wears with a golden glow and just enough hint of animalic heat lurking in the dark shadows to entice you closer.

“You know how a backing band is sometimes so good that it gathers a fan base, leaves its headline singer behind and goes on tour by itself? That’s what happened with Temptation. No plants were harmed in the creation of this fragrance and it has no allergens. Everyone can wear it. You can use it on its own, or add it to a lighter, flighty fragrance to help it last longer and waft further. It’s gorgeous.” Sarah McCartney, 4160Tuesdays

And what a cracking idea if you want to experiment with some of your past drops and try boosting them up to Take Me to Mars level!



  • Musks

Perfumer: Sarah McCartney, 2020.

Manufactured in the United Kingdom

Volume: 10ml eau de parfum.

Ingredients: Alcohol Denat., Parfum.

Selected and Decanted by: Hoohaa, Wadebridge House, 16 Wadebridge Square, Poundbury, Dorchester, DT1 3AQ

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