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S. Baker

The work of American-born contemporary artist Sarah Baker—long resident in London—has been shown at respected institutions internationally. Her art explores narrative dramas within popular media and Baker often stages interventions within these media forms, such as the 2019 Versace Holiday Saga.

Sarah first began developing perfumes with the Institute for Art and Olfaction (Los Angeles) in 2014 as a contemporary art project, founded as a fragrance house in its own right in 2015.

In 2016, S. Baker debuted its first two fragrances at the Hammer Museum (Los Angeles): Leopard, and Greek Keys, by perfumer Ashley Eden Kessler.

S. Baker, the fragrance brand, has since taken on a life of its own, undoubtedly works of art that simultaneously stand their own ground in the grand traditions of the best perfumery.

Sarah has also trained as a perfumer since 2014. She released her first two fragrances, G Clef and Flame & Fortune, as a nose for the house in 2020.

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