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Teniqua is a Jersey-based, fine scent concept founded by Frances Lamb. Each scent tells a story, is born from an idea, a scented ingredient or an experience. A scented moment in time.

Teniqua means ‘strong’ and this emotive word, of Sanskrit origin, is echoed throughout the brand, its nuances carry through from the message, the packaging and to the fragrances themselves. 

Strength is utilised by the use of smell, the flowers use their scents to ward off their enemies, animals use their scent to stimulate the senses, to attract the opposite sex, our emotions and memories can be recalled at an unexpected moment by a waft in the air.

Teniqua make artisan scents in small batches with quality of fragrance, reliability of manufacture and elegance of presentation at the very core of our brand ethos. Every scent is made with care and attention to detail. At the same time doing the upmost to protect our planet through sustainable practices.

A unique range of scents offer the perfect blend of luxury and simplicity for you to wear and enjoy.

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