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Urania's Children

Urania’s Children & The Heavenly Garden was created by founder Winder Ton to celebrate the co-existence of the multitudes within us. Inspired by free-spirited expressions of the unique, the fragrances are made to embody and exalt the unconventional.

Urania is an epithet of the Greek goddess Aphrodite, signifying “heavenly” or “spiritual” to distinguish her from her earthlier aspect. The muse of astronomy, Urania is a celestial divinity believed to inspire heavenly love, curiosity and imagination. It is said that from her, universal love was born – a free love of cosmic grandeur.

The Heavenly Garden?

The heavenly garden is an imaginary world created for all Urania’s children – the uninhibited spirits that desire to live and love freely and fully, in harmony with all of nature’s creation. In this mythical garden, they’re free to love and be as they are, to inhabit their bodies in all their unique splendour. The heavenly garden is lush with distinctive and irreplicable blooms, and our fragrances strive to bring the aroma of this utopia into the earthly realm.

Winder created the perfumes alongside the Grasse graduated perfumer, Julia Casanova. Of the collaboration that brought his vision to life, Winder tells us: “The process was long but worthwhile. Julia understood exactly the purpose of the brand, my language and my vision. Our creative process felt organic and without limits, and through it we achieved something precious and truly unique”.

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