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Unfortunately, the time has come to bring down the curtain on 3 years of fragrant fun with Hoohaa and Scent Social.

Ryan and I started this company back in 2020 intending to bring new and interesting fragrances to people they may not otherwise discover. And we feel, for the most part, we did a fantastic job of this 🙂

But the world has changed a lot and the truth is we can’t make the business of fragrance subscription work by itself any more.

We want to take this opportunity to thank every one of you; From the early adopters, to our more recent customers. We appreciate your support and custom and wish we could continue to serve you.

Thank you too, to our partners, too many to mention who believed in our mission.

Many of you had the chance to experience some of the finest, artisanal fragrances because they saw the opportunity to connect with people in a way they traditionally couldn’t.

Our website will be live until the 31st May, so if you if there are any last bottle you’ve been thinking about, well now’s the time to push the button.

So thank you all once again and hope you can enjoy what you have left in your collections for months and perhaps even years to come.

All the best

Lorenzo and Ryan Founders, Scent Social

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