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Cheeky Chypre
Cheeky Chypre
Cheeky Chypre
Cheeky Chypre

Cheeky Chypre


Cheeky Chypre
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10ml size bottle

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Cheeky Chypre

10ml Size bottle

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Cheeky Chypre

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‘Chypre’ is a venerated word amongst perfume lovers. Chypre perfumes have been on the beauty halls’ endangered species list for many years now. Learning to love them is, at times, not easy. They’re slow to reveal their secrets. Their beauty can be unconventional, even disconcerting, by today’s standards. But true fans of chypre perfects are ride or die, and we love EAU.MG’s take on this much-missed genre.

For starters, we love the friendly, approachable context they’ve framed the usually auster chypre within. Who doesn’t love a bit of cheek? It opens with a bright spray of lemon with a kiss of sweet mandarin. Rhubarb extends the brightness of the top notes, creating a fantastic contrast between the deeper tones in the base. 

Many lament the restrictions on the use of natural oakmoss, which is fundamental to the chypre structure; however in Cheeky Chypre the mixture of materials used in the base create the feeling of a classic oakmoss-laden base. Cistus and benzoin give a luxurious, radiant depth. The twist of saffron lends a wonderful leatheriness. While patchouli provides that dry, forest-floor sensation. 


  • Mandarin, Lemon , Rhubarb
  • Peony, Rose absolute, Olibanum
  • Cedarwood, Saffron, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Cistus, Benzoin

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