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Cosmic Incense, HOOHAA x HARRY

Cosmic Incense,  HOOHAA x HARRY

For December 2021 month we’re bringing all of our subscribers a festive treat. No matter what Edit you are subscribed to,  everyone will receive 10mls of our exclusive collaboration with Harry Sherwood; Cosmic Incense. 

London-based Harry Sherwood is one of the most anticipated perfumers in the UK, having interned for master perfumers including Sarah McCartney (4160Tuesdays). His style balances philosophy, science and experimentation. Whilst studying philosophy Harry learnt that most sensory studies and research carried out by academics focussed more on sight than smell which fuelled him further to explore the olfactory and ultimately led to his passion for fragrance. Harry has previously worked on projects with Google for the launch of Pixel Smartphone to create nostalgic scents. He also worked with the company Too Good To Go, whereby he recreated gone-off smells for scratch 'n' sniff sticker labels for everyday food items that regularly go to waste due to 'best before' signs. 

HOOHAA's very own perfume curator Brooke came across Harry whilst he was interning for Sarah McCartney and was instantly drawn to his passion, creativeness and intelligent way of working with fragrance. Harry mentions that he never usually releases the perfumes that he creates due to his perfectionist ways. Many of Harry's ideas end up in the perfume graveyard, but Brooke saw something special in this orphaned creation, ultimately delivering Cosmic Incense. 

Perfume's deepest roots go back to incense, used throughout history in ceremonies and rituals in the hope that whispered prayers would ascend to the heavens. Cosmic Incense is a 21st-century representation of just that. Gentle scents of raspberry, pink pepper bedewed with a dusting of delicate sugarplum dance over patchouli and sandalwood in a swirl of olibanum and elemi, both of which were specially chosen by Harry for their multifaceted character, brightness and depth.

Cosmic Incense is the first of what we hope to be many Editions, where we bring you world exclusive fragrances and provide upcoming perfumers with the platform to reach your noses.

Notes -

Topnotes: Raspberry leaf, Pink pepper, Sugarplum

Heart Notes: Olibanum oil, Elemi, Olibanum resinoid

Basenotes: Cistus, Patchouli, Nagarmotha, Clearwood, Sandalwood

Ingredients - Parfum, Ethanol, Aqua, Limonene

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