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Fragrance for Her

Madama Butterfly II, Devious and BMET surrounded by tinsel and baubles

At HOOHAA, we believe all fragrance is for everyone.  But we get it, sometimes you just want something that hits those more traditional notes. So here are our picks of the best fragrances for Her, or at least those of you who want to smell like "Her".

Bernadette Evelyn Margaret Theresa by Freddie Albrighton

A fragrant love letter dedicated to Freddie’s mother, Bernadette Margaret Evelyn Theresa is a generous perfume abundant with radiant apricot and exotic florals on a transparent base of patchouli, resins, musks and woods.

BMET has a nod to the everything-and-the-kitchen-sink too ambers of the late 1970s and 80s, but the weight at which Freddie restrains the composition keeps it feeling fresh, modern and contemporary while still retaining a feeling of sepia toned nostalgia, warmth, comfort and heartfelt affection.

Devious by Contradictions in Ilk

Spiced bergamot and bitter almonds, drunken by amaretto and cherry liquor, take the edge off the cyanide with their sticky sweetness. Warm notes of nutmeg and cardamom sink into the creaminess of tonka bean, vanilla and sandalwood.

Madama Butterfly II by Senyoko

Ethereal but with a bite. A gauzy haze of green notes, powdered veil of orris root and an overdose of luxury musks.

This is Not a Blue Bottle 1.6 by Histoires de Parfums

1.6 takes a surrealistic approach to paint the picture of joyous love. It is a perfume for uplifting passions that enlighten the day, that shake up your senses and to open a world of possibilities. A striking opening of sweet orange, grapefruit and yuzu gives way to a heart of orange blossom, lotus and neroli before a dry-down of vanilla, white musks and vetiver rounds out this unisex Citrus-Floral eau de parfum.

Playalinda by Chronotope

The day you'll encounter in Playalinda is dreamy, witnessed through the haze of memory. It leads with hyper realistic, sun-warmed peach rendered through generous doses of osmanthus and full-bodied jasmine sambac. Also featured is the dirty-hair aspect of ambrette seed undergirded by familiar, grounding patchouli and vetiver. A gentle touch of sulfuric white grapefruit affords the composition a deeply human smell of skin bronzed and kissed with sweat under the day's hot sun.

And it's in Playalinda's musty base full of smoke, the inky heft of oakmoss and brine of fresh seaweed washing ashore. The glorious yet underutilized choya nakh, made from crushed and toasted seashells, reinforces Playalinda's dreamy memoryscape by the sea.


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