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Fragrance for Them

Fragrance for Them

At HOOHAA, we believe all fragrance is for everyone.  Which is why we’ve picked out our favourite fragrances for Them, a group of gender free fragrances that let everyone be the best them. 


Arborist by Jorum Studios

An ode to Scottish woods. Surprising forest fruits, raw botanical flowers, resin sap, malted cereals and worked skin. Resolutely sylvan and intriguingly multifaceted.


Bukhara by Gallivant 

Bukhara is an intelligent spin on one of perfumery's most-prized materials - orris root. Its initial sprays play into orris root’s earthy richness and vegetable undertones; however, as the scent develops it takes on a misty, silken quality. And while Bukhara is an unmistakable orris fragrance, there’s a host of background players exaggerating the lines and keeping interest.


Atelier Vesper Discovery Set

All five Atelier Vesper perfumes in generous 5ml spray bottles for an extended sampling experience.

Esencia - Vetiver | Iris | Ambroxan

Elea - Bergamot | Sandalwood | Musk

Badawi - Pink Pepper | White Oud | Musk

Edhen - Lactonic Figue | Jasmin | Amber

Aestas - Neroli | Violet | Cashmere Wood

Herbes by D:SOL MMXVI

An intriguing olfactory journey back in time. Seduced by an 18th century Majorcan liqueur recipe. Blending top Mediterranean botanicals with secret floral accents. Alchemic. Spiritual. Mysterious. A deeply green fragrance with forty-five ingredients. For now and forever.

Louis by The Zoo 

A hug disguised as a perfume. A soft, warm and cuddly shot of orris sandwiched between warm spices and cooling aromatics.


This is Not a Blue Bottle 1.1 by Histoires de Parfums 

1.1 is created with top notes of an irresistible aldehyde and bitter orange that give way to a heart of geranium and honey. Base notes of amber, musk and patchouli round out this hypnotic and ethereal ambery unisex eau de parfum, the perfume of abstraction.

Buen Camino by Chronotope 

Buen Camino gathers scents from the last stretch of Camino after the toll of his exertions caught up with him and he underwent makeshift surgery from a kindly old nun. The smell from the bundle of dried Iberian lavender and immortelle she gave him to inhale for relaxation mixed with the odours of antiseptics and stiff bandages. The aroma of the hot asphalt of newly paved roads juxtaposed against the dust of the centuries-old, decaying Roman ones. And the simple joy of the Tarta de Santiago, Galician almond cake scented with spiced oranges and lemons served with espresso that he shared with his father who’d traveled to Spain to look after him on his final days on the trail.

The Sexiest Scent on the Planet, by 4160Tuesdays

A woodsy, vanilla wardrobe staple that you cannot live without. You’re welcome.

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