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HOOHAA x Atelier Vesper Meet Your Maker Questions with Kristel

HOOHAA x Atelier Vesper Meet Your Maker Questions with Kristel

We’re so excited to be sharing Badawi with our subscribers this month. Can you take us right back to the beginning of your fragrance journey? When did your love for fragrance first start?

I kind of always was enthusiastic about perfume but never thought I’d be doing this in later life. I do remember as a young girl I was always collecting small samples and miniatures. As a teen it was very important to me to have a perfume that no one else had. I would never go for the popular ones and would be frustrated when my friend would copy my favorite.

In 2017 it was actually my brother who talked about starting a fragrance brand.  We already owned two other companies together. A year later we could not let go of the idea and I said to him why not just do it! He already met a really great Nose from Paris so we went there with a idea of what the brand needed to be about but more importantly, experiences from our life we wanted to reminisce. So we had pictures, mood boards and notes important to us. From there it took us 2 years to create the fragrances. And then when the formulas were ready it took us another year to have the concept into products

During this process I fell more and more in love and wanted to learn everything about perfume, attended Isipca perfumery school in 2021, and decided to make my life about Atelier Vesper

Did you ever encounter any fragrances that changed the way you thought about scent as a vehicle for self-expression, and if so, what were they?

As a teen I was really fond about this perfume Halloween by Jesus del Pozo, finding it during a trip and had never seen before. My friends started to recognise me by my fragrance. Unlike clothing it lingers in people's memory. Later on I always would buy KenzoKi Rice Steam whenever I could find it. Would be like a comforting warm fragrance for easy days.

How would you describe Atelier Vesper to your friends and family?

Our fragrances are clean, recognisable and timeless. A high quality affordable fragrance. We use the best ingredients which come from Mane. A brand created with love  

Do you have a favourite from your collection? 

As Ryan (Hoohaa) always says; Are you even allowed to have favorites? I don’t have an all-time fragrance because for me it so connected to emotion. But at the moment I am most attracted to Amica Mea. One of our latest additions.

What do you feel sets Atelier Vesper apart from other niche perfume brands? What do you hope your customers get from your work?

That in our brand everything comes together. Taking people along on our journey to explore the beauty of what perfume is about. And it is for everybody, perfume is all-inclusive. It is more than just scent. We want them to connect with it and let them also reminisce their experiences while wearing our fragrances.

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