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Packaging: To box or not to box, that was the question

Packaging: To box or not to box, that was the question

Over the past few months, some of our subscribers may have noticed that we went down a new route with our packaging to explore if there's a better, more conscious way to deliver the god stuff to you. 

To jump to the end - the boxes are back. And we wanted to share what we learned. Because we’ll no doubt be undertaking similar experiments in the future as we strive to be a conscious brand. 

So the boxes. We’re known for our unique presentation, with a cute sliding box housing punchy and personality-filled scents. We wanted to maintain that reputation while exploring new ways to be planet friendly. 

In the interests of sustainability, we trialled some new packaging that excluded the cardboard boxes and went with enveloped packaging instead. For some, this was great news, and for others, the boxes were a must – so we asked for feedback.

This is what we learnt.

The Experiment

We used to send out our perfumes in little rectangular cardboard boxes, which were really sturdy for shipping, ideal for storage and protection from sunlight. But we wanted to try a new type of packaging that used less cardboard but still maintained the information that the old packaging bought with it. Enter the description cards.

The description cards for each perfume are a relatively new addition to the HOOHAA family but proved extremely popular – so you’ll be pleased to know that they’re here to stay.

We all love to see those famous little boxes on our dressing units, alongside the description cards that guide our noses and give that all-important back story.

So, what happened next?

We started to send out minimalist packaging to a selected group of subscribers, where vials came in protective paper packaging and biodegradable envelopes, gathering their feedback as the months passed.

As a brand that cares deeply about what our customers and audience think, we were blown away by the number of responses. Here’s what you had to say.

What You Said

The response we received was overwhelming, with many of you requesting that the boxes be restored:

“I received my Buckle Up subscription this month without the box as part of your packaging experiment, but I have to say that I really miss the box. I like to keep all my HOOHAA fragrances (I have quite the collection now) in their boxes as it helps to protect them from the light.”

Others told us how they loved the collection of unique boxes and how seeing them lined up on the shelf filled them with joy:

“Re: the box. I really loved the small collection of the lovely boxes that I was accumulating; I love to see them lined up on my shelf. I really miss the box and was considering cancelling my subscription if the boxes are gone for good. I would even be happy to pay a little more to keep the box.”

Another customer told us how the boxes were great for not only protection from sunlight but as a way to write notes on about the fragrances:


Just some feedback on the new packaging: I was really disappointed when my perfume didn’t come with a box last month because I like to store them in the box to avoid them being exposed to sunlight. I also like to write my comments on the box so I can find my favourites again quickly. Please bring back the cardboard packaging.”

What We Learnt

After listening to our customers, we found that many of our subscribers preferred the old-style packaging of cardboard boxes and cards with details about the perfumes on.

While we’re a conscious company, we understood that customers want to protect their fragrances from sunlight and have somewhere to store them. In addition, the cardboard boxes are widely recyclable.

What Happens Now

For now, the boxers are back, and we’re reverting back to the original packaging. We’ll always listen to our customer base and will continue to find better ways to meet our customer's expectations, and we’ll always continue to innovate to find the best way of doing things sustainably.

One thing worth pointing out at this point is that everything you receive is recycled, recyclable or biodegradable, apart from the pumps in the vials – which is a big focus for us as we’re working to improve this component of our product. 

If you’ve got any recommendations, problems, queries, or questions, then please do get in touch as we’d love to hear from you and keep evolving.

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