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MEET YOUR MAKER // .Oddity Fragrance

MEET YOUR MAKER // .Oddity Fragrance
How would you describe .Oddity to your friends and family?
Oddity is a brand of artistry. From the base olfactory layer, to packaging design and storytelling it is meant to inspire with beauty of expressions, craftsmanship and creative energy binding the layers together.

We’re so excited to be sharing Naked Dance with our subscribers this month. How would you describe it in your own words?
Naked Dance is our metaphor for the pandemic years, when most of us were living their lives at home, re-discovering privacy and self awareness. The scent was formulated to tell the story of intimate comforts of our apartments: from faint edibles in the kitchens, to not-so-fresh linens in the bedrooms or a warm sun touched wooden floor varnish in the living rooms. Our own private universe to explore.

Can you take us right back to the beginning of your fragrance journey? When did your love for fragrance first start?
Fragrances surrounded our lives at all times, they are inseparable from memories and feelings that drive inspiration. Yet we were never avid collectors or perfume geeks.
Coming from visual arts, we found fragrance to be the perfect dreamland for our creative expression. We see .Oddity as a fusion of visible and invisible arts — the edge between disciplines and an endless inspiration for design.

What has been the most pivotal fragrance you’ve encountered, and why?
The encounter awakening our passion was Comme des Garcons by Comme des Garcons.
At the time we saw perfumes as a boring attribute for the mainstream consumerism— overpowering sweets for “ladies” or shampoo-like for “men”, not something we would like to use or be associated with. So Comme des Garcons was like “wow! it can be that cool?!”

What sets .Oddity apart from other niche brands?
This is a difficult question. There are a lot of beautiful brands led by visual creatives, or ones crafted in small batches with rare ingredients.
We guess that in our case this would have to be our aesthetics and energy. .Oddity is complex, raw, experimental, emotional, messy, pure and artistic in its imperfection in both olfactory and tactile dimensions.
Do you have a favourite from the collection?
Our collection is small: only three perfumes and all of them have equal space in our hearts. It really comes down to the mood.
Naked Dance is in play when you seek a sense of comfort, it is like a hug. Dead Air goes best for us when we are creative. It is very controversial. On one hand it is dramatic and awakening, yet on the other it is calming with its down to earth notes. Resonant is a fresh breath, like a white paper, our reset button.
What does the future look like for Oddity?
.Oddity is a garage brand that has only started introducing itself for the world. We still do a whole lot of facets to reveal, namely the line of our visual arts have been in the pipeline for quite sometime and we hope to take it public in the year to come.

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